Thanks to your contributions during the WCMB, a total of 2,560 $CA was collected for the Carbon Offset program. This amount allows us to reach Tier 1 of our goals, and also to mitigate a great part of the delegation's travel emissions.

By partnering with Offsetters, we will invest all of your donations to the Great Bear Forest Carbon project.

We deeply thank everyone who helped us in this initiative!

The WCMB 2018 organizing committee is actively working on minimizing the effects of the conference on the environment.


To achieve this goal, the first action decided to reduce greenhouse gas emissions was to select the Palais des Congrès in Montréal as the conference venue. This place is a leading destination for sustainable events, and takes very precise mitigation actions, before and during events. We will also offset the emissions that we create during the conference, by partnering with a leading Canadian provider of carbon offsetting solutions: Offsetters.


What are carbon offsets?

Carbon offsets are investments in projects that reduce or avoid greenhouse gas emissions. They are measured in tonnes of carbon equivalency—a unit that accounts for the global warming potential of all greenhouse gases by converting their impact into the equivalent impact of carbon. Individuals and companies can purchase carbon offsets to compensate for their own emissions.

Where will the purchased carbon offsets be invested?

The keystone project that we are supporting is the Great Bear Forest Carbon Project, an Improved Forest Management project, managed by Offsetters. The project activities include changes in land-use legislation and regulation that result in increased carbon stocks, by converting forests previously designated for commercial logging to protected forests. Emissions caused by harvesting, road building and other forestry operations will also be prevented. It is a landmark project for balancing human well-being and ecological integrity through carbon finance, and it is the first carbon project in North America on traditional territory with unextinguished Aboriginal rights and title. You can discover more in this video.

How can you contribute:

Because attendees are flying from all over the world, reaching our ultimate goal old cost ~$50 per person. We’ve committed to offsetting the energy consumed and staff and keynote speakers’ travel, but we need your support in offsetting delegates’ travel to the conference and to further lessen the WCMB’s carbon footprint.

  • Opt-in for carbon offsetting when registering for the conference. We appreciate any money that you can contribute to the cause. Help us reach our goal!
  • Use the companion application during the conference, instead of printing a copy of the complete program
  • Use a refillable bottle during the conference
  • For local travel at the conference, walk or use public transit as much as possible: a Bixi bike station and the STM Orange metro line are close to the venue
  • Choose a hotel close to the venue

We will keep track of the progress made towards a complete offset of the conference, by the mean of tiered goals:

  • Tier 1. Climate Friendly for the event by offsetting greenhouse gas emissions from: ○ fuel burned onsite
    ○ electricity consumed onsite
    ○ paper printed for the event
    ○ staff and keynote speakers’ travel to the event
  • Tier 2. Tier 1 + offsetting travel for 25 % of the delegation
  • Tier 3. Tier 1 + offsetting travel for 50 % of the delegation
  • Tier 4. Tier 1 + offsetting travel for 75 % of the delegation
  • Tier 5. Tier 1 + offsetting travel for 100 % of the delegation

4th World Conference on Marine Biodiversity

May 13-16, 2018 |  Montréal, Québec, Canada

Thank you to our main sponsors